Messages requiring fingerprint authentication

In this post, I would build a scenario where the target audience would need to authenticate themselves with the fingerprint configured on their phone before they read their message. Similarly, you could build actions that need fingerprint (or other auth mechanisms) for attendance marking, acknowledge a message, etc.

Building the card

Kaizala action package SDK has an API performAuthenticationAsync, that allows you to authenticate / verify user via a host of options like fingerprint, pattern, pin, password and face recognition. Below is the screenshot of the API from KASClient SDK:

Fig 1 – performAuthenticationAsync API in KASClient SDK

We will build a custom action that allows the sender to type in a message that would get sent as a property in the card sent to users on the group. On opening the card, we will call the API to validate the user’s fingerprint and display the message on successful verification. Else, display an error message.

In the creation view, a simple input box which takes the message as input from the sender and a submit button that creates / sends the card on the group. Below is code snippet from the sample:

Fig 2 – Setting the message as a property

In the response results view, we would request for the fingerprint verification and decide whether to display the message (on successful verification) or show the error message (on verification failure).

Fig 3 – Verifying user fingerprint


Below is a screen recording of how the card looks in action:

Fig 4 – Sample in action

Closing remarks

Hope that was helpful in introducing the auth options provided by KASClient SDK. In case you have any comments / questions, feel free to contact me via the contact page.

The code for this sample has been shared here.

8 thoughts on “Messages requiring fingerprint authentication

  1. Hello! i love your blog!

    I have a two question …

    1.- In which part or in wich file you call the sign (“Waiting for your fingerprint”) that appears before authenticarte with the footprint.

    2.-it is possible to know which footprint is authenticating , As you know on cell phones you can enter different footprints

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


    1. Thank you Samuel!

      #1 – The waiting for fingerprint dialog is shown when the performAuthenticationAsync method is called.

      #2 – No, we only know success/failure based on the fingerprints configured on the phone.


  2. Hi, Im receiving a 505 error code when trying to test this action either in iOS or Android.

    We had to update the KASClient.js to the most recent version, we have not done any further changes to your sample code.

    Is this functionality still working?

    Thank you


  3. My phone doesn’t have fingerprint feature…so I tried using ‘Pattern’…But it’s not working….although the fingerprint authentication is working fine in phones with that feature.


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